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Footprints in the Sky...

Mission Statement:


is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to providing flights to medical facilities throughout the United States, for all people in need of Medical Care, whether it be routine in nature, critical or life-saving. Our goal is to provide humanitarian assistance to patients without the financial capability and resources to facilitate this travel for themselves.



Our Board of Directors


Johnny and Suzanne Langland

Suzanne / Co-Founder

Johnny / President, Founder & Dir. of Flight Operations

(with son Nicholas)




Robert Schultz

President of Schultz and Associates





Kirk Maldonado

Former Tax Attorney









Kirk Maldonado was a tax lawyer for 30 years before he shut down his practice in 2008.  He was listed in the Best Lawyers in America and in Who’s Who in America Law.  Kirk published over 80 articles and gave more than 200 public speeches.  He was a respondent in a column in the Los Angeles Times for ten years.


Sadly Kirk passed away in 2014. His contribution to FOOTPRINTS was immeasurable and appreciated. He will be missed.

Mike Leikam

Michael Leikam

President of Interactive Information Solutions



Michael Leikam is one of the original board members for Footprints in the Sky and is currently the Director of the Colorado Higher Education Opportunity Center for Fort Hays State University. He is also the owner and president of Interactive Information Solutions, Inc., a web development and online marketing company.

Nicholas Pelham-Clarke

Sales, Marketing and Technology



Nicholas Pelham-Clarke has an impressive history in sales, marketing and technology. He is currently employed in sales at a large international company.
Johnny Langland, FOOTPRINTS in the Sky’s president, is a familiar face at Centennial Airport. For over thirty years, he has functioned as a corporate/charter pilot, flight department manager, aviation consultant, expert witness and advanced flight training instructor.

Prior to FOOTPRINTS in the Sky’s official recognition and during a period of almost 20 years, people sought out Johnny to assist them in finding transportation by air to medical facilities for themselves, relatives and friends. Although never receiving or seeking any financial reward, he would always go that extra mile for those in need, by finding an owner and/or flight operation willing to donate a flight. In December 2000, he married Suzanne, the girl from Down Under, after a romantic reunion earlier that year. Suzanne embraced Johnny’s dream of focusing on the humanitarian side of aviation and FOOTPRINTS in the Sky was formed.

Robert Schultz, a founding member of Footprints, is a semi-retired aviation attorney who is now employed primarily as a flight instructor.


Lynn Krogh

CEO and Founder at International Jet






Lynn Krogh held management positions with several aviation firms and was an FAA Check Airman under Part 135 and Part 121 companies. He was a simulator instructor and eventually a senior captain for a major U.S. airline. Lynn co-founded International Jet in 1979 and served in various capacities including Director of Operations, President and most recently CEO. Lynn is a lifetime member of the National Aeronautic Association (NAA), the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF), the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Lynn has given his time to many deserving nonprofit organizations. He joined the board of directors at Footprints in the Sky in 2012.

Dr. Ernest Feiler

CEO at Advanced Heart Surgical



irv brown

Irv Brown

CO Sports Legend



Our Board of Advisors



Dr Elizabeth Baker

General Practitioner/Partner, New West Physicians

Dr. Ernest Feiler is an inventor and retired heart surgeon.


Irv Brown has had an illustrious career as a baseball, basketball and football player, coach and referee. He has been inducted into 4 Sports Halls of Fame and is well-known as a sports commentator on radio and television.



Dr Elizabeth Baker specializes in family medicine and is one of 5280 Magazine's "Top Doctors".